Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Reasons Why Disney Villains Failed

5. Not Being Deceptive Enough
Mother Gothel failed her mission because she wasn't a TRUE villain at heart. Her first and fatal down fall was telling Rapunzel her birth date. Did Gothel think Rapunzel wouldn't get curious about why the whole kingdom released lanterns every year on her birthday?

I didn't get why Mother Gothel wanted to live forever anyway. She didn't have a real home, friends, family, or even a job. What did she need to live for?

Aside from not having the best motive for her mission, if Mother Gothel never told Rapunzel her birthday, Rapunzel would have never put her birthday and the lanterns together. For her sake, Mother didn't know best.

4. Talking Too Much
Please take a look at the picture to your left. You all remember this scene, and from this scene I'm sure you'd all agree that "Talking too much" was indeed the reason for Scar's fall and Simba's comeback.

Quote that killed him: "Now here's my little secret, I killed Mufasa!"

If Scar would have kept his mouth shut, Simba would have died with his family disappointed at him for killing his father, and Scar would have kept control of the Pride Lands until they ultimately ran out of food and died off. But no. Letting Simba know that Scar was responsible for his Father's death instead of himself, gave him the strength that he needed to jump back up, clear his name, and get rid of Scar. Some things just can't be prepared for. (sigh)

3. Recklessness
You all remember Sykes from Oliver and Company? Well, his failure was due to Recklessness. Lending money to a homeless man...Reckless. Driving a Rolls Royce on a subway train track...Reckless. Because of those horrible choices, he failed. Sykes was obviously lacking that Street Savoir Faire.

2. Keeping Stupid Company
Be weary of the company you keep. Hades, like all Disney Villains had some psychological issues, but that wasn't his main downfall. The plan was simple,
- Steal Hercules
- Make him Mortal
- Kill him
Pain and Panic were not capable of getting the job done, they failed, thus Hades failed. It was ultimately Hades' fault for keeping such stupid sidekicks. Let that be a lesson, and be willing to go the distance for competent and capable friends.

1. Anger Issues

Maleficent was a bad-A villain! She was G, but her anger issues got in the way.

First Instance: She wasn't invited to Princess Aurora's Birth Celebration (with good reason I might add), and because she wasn't invited, she bestowed a curse upon the Princess.

Last Instance: She saw that the prince was going to wake the Sleeping Beauty, and she got so mad, she transformed into a ginormous fire breathing dragon that was eventually stabbed and killed.

Her anger issues killed her, and it was all because she wasn't invited to a party. Things could have been different once upon a dream.

♥ Marquitta J

Agree? Disagree? Want to share more reasons why villains failed? Leave your piece! I'd love to hear what you think.

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