Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Types of Friends Kick to the Curb

1. The Leech
A person who always needs something, but never contributes. You'll know who this friend is when they call, and you look at the caller-id and say "Uhhh! What now?!" It's draining to have someone keep taking but never giving back. If you want to engage in a mutual friendship, this isn't it.

2. The Badders
A friend who always needs bailing out, literally. Its not conducive to your time or money to have to go get this person out of jail, then pick them up from the casino after gambling off their car, and dodge bullets from their baby's daddy's cousin's friend Ray-Ray who saw you flick his gang off at the gay bar. Seriously. Who needs all of that drama and inconvenience? They need to go.

3. The Competitors
Congratulations are in order when you reach that weight loss goal or ace an exam, but this friend does not only blow off your accomplishments, they try to top them off with their own. No matter how confident you are, you do not need to keep people around who try to 1-up you all of the time. Those people obviously have low self-esteem and need to do some self-evaluation and find their value. In the mean time, you don't need to stick around unless you want to be with them when they take that journey.

4. The Fairweathers
For better or for best, through health and only health, for rich or get the picture.

5. The Obviously Bad
This category includes: Liars, Thieves, Con-artists, Manipulators, Blackmailers, Gossipers, Frenemies, etc. These people do not have your best interest at heart. You don't need people stealing from you, lying to you, and undermining you. Having these people around can be detrimental to your career, other relationships, and your character. These people help mold trust issues within yourself, low self-esteem, and their undesirable traits could rub off on you. Kick em to the curb!

NOTE: I am not promoting dropping people and treating them badly. Just because you aren't a friend that does not mean you have to stop being a good person as well. Find the lines between the two based off of your moral values and then determine what you need to do.

♥ Marquitta J

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