Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Amazing Tips to Stay Warm and Moisturized in the Winter

For many of us the winter is brutal. Not only is it cold and windy, the air is dry and our skin suffers from it. I've decided to share 3 things that help me stay warm and moisturized.

1. Shea Butter
After you take your bath or shower, use shea butter to moisturize your body. It makes your skin smooth and soft and believe it or not, it retains your body heat and keeps you much warmer in the cold. You could get natural shea butter or try the shea butter I use! It's called True Hut Shea and it's AH-mazing!

2. Wash your Hair at Night
It's easy to catch a cold when you wash your hair in the morning and immediately leave the house. Wash it at night, wrap it up with a scarf, and style it in the morning. It will make you a lot less susceptible to catching a cold and you'll find yourself a lot warmer if you do.

3. Eat & Drink Warm
Tea, coffee, soup, oatmeal, porridge, and hot chocolate are all warm foods and beverages that aid in keeping our bodies toasty during the winter months. Get a coffee mug to take your hot chocolate on the go! Yum!

♥ Marquitta J

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