Thursday, January 3, 2013

"New Year, New _____?"

Every year, many of us come up with a goal and or resolution. It's something we want to change about our current selves or something we want to do that is typically out of character. The question is, will you really reach that goal? If you're looking for me to tell you "you won't reach the goal so don't try" or "Of course you'll succeed!" then I'm sorry to upset you but I won't tell you either. It is up to you whether you will reach it or not.

Ignore all of the unambitious people who say that it's pointless to make a New Year Resolution. If you want to create a personal goal to better yourself, who can hate on that other than people who have no goals in life? The human willpower is much much stronger than some think. I honestly believe that if you set your mind to your goal, pray for perseverance, and ask a close friend to hold you accountable, you can reach that goal.

Many people make the mistake in saying "It's a new year, and a new me". These people don't have New Year Resolutions, they have the desperate want to be someone they aren't. A new year does not equal a new you. You will never magically change from Ogre to Tyra Banks. It's fine to view the new year as a fresh start, but remember that your starting point is where and who you are right now. If you want to develop some character traits that you don't already possess, take it a day at a time! Practice that patience you want, and stick to it; soon you will have developed that trait and worked toward your resolution.

Take home points:
- Don't be discouraged because everyone else's New Year Resolutions fail
- Strive to make attainable goals
- A new year is not a reset button
- Work to reach your goals, because if you don't they will fail

The next time you hear someone saying that they have a New Year Resolution, don't be that person who says they won't reach it. That discouragement ultimately discourages people from challenging themselves and making steps to become better individuals, and without that you leave our society with disheartened, unambitious, lazy, selfish, and inwardly ugly people and who wants that?

♥ Marquitta J


  1. nice blog post and i adore your header picture- i like the mirror effect! please subscribe to my blog :)

  2. Such a great post, Marquitta! It's nice to read a realistic, but still positive, view of these things. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Char x

  3. Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it!! :D