Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Secret Revealed: One Way to Help Your Relationship Last Longer

Relationships can be complicated and love can be confusing but there are ways to make the road a little bit easier. Many people believe that a relationship isn't meant to be if it doesn't come easy, but I can't stress how NOT true that is! Relationships take hard work and patience, and they are far from being considered a piece of cake. Advice: If your relationship is a "piece of cake" and it doesn't challenge you to be a better person, RUN! And with that said, a great way to help your relationship progress is being respectful. You may think this is an obvious fact, but with this generation being constantly bombarded with messages promoting "the self", courtesy for others is becoming non-existent and affecting too many relationships. So please. Continue... :)

In a survey I studied for one of my undergraduate relationship courses, many women claimed that they'd rather be loved than to be respected. If you're one of these women, listen: Respect comes before love. If not impossible, it is EXTREMELY hard for men AND women to love someone they don't respect. Disrespect is a common cause for the failure of many marriages and other committed relationships.

Showing more or even the same amount of respect to your significant other as you show to a nice stranger will help the longevity of your relationship. When you get really close to someone, the relationship gets "chill" or "lax", It's easier to say exactly what's on your mind, and while it's good that you're getting closer, watch yourself, because that could easily change when you blurt rude or disrespectful things or omit the necessary courtesies to your significant other without meaning any harm.

Words to include in you and your significant others' dialogues:
- "Thank you" (It shows gratefulness)
- "Please" (If you don't use this, you may come off as bossy)
- "Do you mind if..." (It gives them the opportunity to have a say"
- "Excuse me" (Shows courtesy and believe it or not, this is one of the least said phrases)

- Call them any derogatory name
- "Boy"
- "B****"
- "N****"
- "Loser"
- "Douche bag"
- "Ugly"
- "Stupid" or "Idiot"
- "Lazy"
- Invade their time, space, energy, or money without their consent
- Manipulate them into doing things with you or for you (Just ask!)

***Warning: Be careful with joking, because these words are disrespectful and lower self-esteem, and should not be used frequently, if ever, in joking situations.

Respect may take a little more cognitive activity than you're used to, but trust me, it goes a long way!!

If you have any comments or questions comment below or E-MAIL me. I will be opening up a forum in the next week, so if you want to discuss this topic further, we can! Stay tuned!!


♥ Marquitta J

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